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House Cleaning


First-time house cleanings can take 4-8 hours to clean depending on the size and how much work is involved. This gives us the opportunity to do a deep clean of your home.  The cleaning service rates listed are simply base/starting rates. The rate to clean your home will depend on how often you need cleaning and the square footage of your home.

*All rates are negotiable*

Please Call for Commercial Cleaning

General Price List

Deep Cleaning, Move-in/Out Cleans, One Time Thorough House Cleanings & Rental Property Cleaning Services: starts at $280.00.

**Deep Cleaning Package** Includes regular cleaning service PLUS hand cleaning baseboards, doors and trim, switch covers, outside of kitchen and bathroom cabinet

Most customers choose the deep clean for their first visit. The Deep Clean & Move In/Out Clean includes all areas of the Basic Clean plus the additions below. On This Package, we spend a lot of time on the details, including hand washing your blinds, baseboards and the exterior cabinets, ceiling fans and empty interior cabinets in your kitchen and bathrooms. (Does not include inside of oven and refrigerator); All Areas: Dust All Surfaces, Empty Trash, Vacuum & Mop Hard Floors, Vacuum Carpet & Area Rugs, Dust Ceiling Fans, Clean Mirrors, Dust Baseboards & Doorframes, Wash Baseboards & Doorframes, Dust Blinds & Shutters, Wash Blinds & Shutters, Make Beds (Change linen on a bed with dirty linen already removed); Kitchen: Clean Counters & Backsplash, Clean Stove Top, Clean Microwave (In & Out), Scrub & Clean Sink, Clean Outside of Appliances, Dust Cabinet Doors, Wash Cabinet Doors, Load An Empty Dishwasher (Hand washing dishes will be accessed an additional fee);  Bathrooms: Clean Countertop, Mirrors, Scrub Toilet, Scrub Shower & Tub, Scrub Sink, Clean Cabinet Doors and much much more.

Additional Services

Laundry Wash & Dry


Inside Cabinets

$30.00 Kitchen and bathrooms


Inside Fridge


Handwashing Dishes

$45.00 and up

Inside Oven


Hand Washing Blinds

$45 per 5 Blinds


Interior Walls



Interior Windows

$45.00 per every 5 windows

Rental Property Cleaning


Kitchen – Clean inside/outside of oven, Clean inside/outside all kitchen cupboards, Wash inside/outside of dishwasher, Clean all counter tops; Sweep and wash hard surface floors, damp wipe window ledges. Clean inside/outside microwave, clean inside/outside refrigerator, 

Bathrooms - Scrub and disinfect bathroom floors, Scrub and disinfect toilet, Clean and sanitize bath & showers, shower doors and tiles, Scrub bathroom sinks, wipe all counters, Clean inside all cabinets and drawers, Clean mirrors. Bedrooms – Vacuum and mop (if necessary), Clean mirrors, Remove cobwebs, Dust and wash window sills and ledges, Vacuum carpet edges, Clean inside cupboards and wardrobes. Living room - Vacuum and mop (if necessary), Vacuum carpet edges, Clean mirrors, Clean and polish all surfaces, Remove cobwebs, Dust and wash window sills and window frames. Hallway- Vacuum and mop (if necessary), Vacuum carpet edges, Clean mirrors, Remove cobwebs. Interior Windows -If requested.

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